Tuesday, December 05, 2006

a new page and a christmas song from home

i made an lj account.. you can check it if you want

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it's just that mas most of my online buddies are lj users, and my personal friends are in blogspot, so i decided to have the two.

welcome to my page.

new blog.new life(?)


the temp earlier was below zero and i was freezing to death when i got the eggs in the chicken coop. the three hens, dottie, red and blondie seemed happy upon seeing me. (oooh, i'm lovin these chick'ns) and they just turned their backs for me to pat..awww.. they're cute.

we just put up the christmas tree and it was such a splendid sight. that tree was about seven years old, but my aunt kept it so well it seemed like new. as i was hanging up the tree decors, i remembered our tree back home. i can clearly remember that day when we bought that tree. it was a dream that came true for the 10 year-old me. you see, we did not buy a tree in the first years because dad was always spending his christmas in saudi (where he worked), and there'll be no one who will fix the tree, so when my dad had decided to retire from his job, he got me a christmas tree.


time flies.

when the tree had been put up and decorated, we stared at it and admired our work. mom and dad proceeded to fix the other decorations while i popped a cd into the player. it was a cd of my favorite christmas songs (by jose mari chan) we have a tape of that back home in the philippines, and it made me so happy to discover that my aunt has an album of that. as the song "christmas in our hearts" was played, i felt a pang of nostalgia overcome my senses.

i remembered that time when mom and i were singing that song while preparing for our noche buena. i will be commenting on how bad my voice is and my mom will agree with me. LOL.then dad will run down from the stairs and hug us, saying "merry christmaaaaasss!!" "merry christmas din po" i replied. and when the clock strikes 10.30pm, we'll head for the plaza where the mass was held. the wind gently blows on my face as i sniff the air of christmas eve.

it was (and is STILL) the most comforting breeze i have ever felt.

and it will take (a minimum of) 5 more years before i get to sniff it again.