Saturday, November 29, 2008

I've got problems

I feel deviated for not falling head-over-heels over Robert Pattinson. :p

* * *
Anyway, yesterday was Black Friday which meant almost everything (at the electronics department at least) were sold at the lowest prices possible. These items include the Monk DVDs. Target sold them for $13.98, a price significantly (significantly...statistics ba itech?) lower than its original price which is $44.99. I bought the first five seasons at ShopKo where they also slashed the prices down (I got them for $14.99 each) but the sixth season just had $3 off the original price so I had to go to Target to get it at a much cheaper price :p.

MOST UNFORTUNATELY, I had to go to work at 4:45 AM yesterday--AM pare-- and had to go home at 2:25PM. I was so exhausted from working but I still managed to run to my car, drive off to Target and sprinted through the store, my feet screaming in agony only to see the Monk Season 6 DVDs all gone. I resorted to holding the Season 3 DVD while whispering "Whyyyyyy?" amidst all the stares of the people wondering what on earth happened to me.

Undaunted, I remembered that Shopko has a rule of matching the price of an item if another store sells that same item for a lower price. So what I did was I asked for a Target ad, drove off back to Shopko, rushed to the electronics department, grabbed a Season 6 DVD, went straight to Jeremy and Kathe (our CSSs), and asked about the ad match. They gave me the DVD for $13.98 and I went home happily.

* * *

I suffered a major headache during the night which continued until morning, so I was not able to go to work today. Plus, my arm and my back are aching due to the excessive workload I did yesterday.

* * *

I did a weight evaluation for my Nutrition class and I just found out that I am now considered obese. :(



Aside from the fact that I look a lot happier in the first one, my cheeks were also a little less "rounded". Plus, believe it or not, I was a size 6 in that picture. I myself was surprised when I checked out the size of one of the jeans I used to wear.

Ah, the effects of losing your social life.

"I will always love you"


Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Prepare yourself. I'm about to get emotional.

* * *

I never thought I would talk about death in this blog, but the occurrence of two deaths in less than a month is just too much for me not to mention here.

My schoolmate committed suicide.

The first person I knew who committed suicide is my former Chemistry professor. Our semestral vacation was about to end when my classmates texted me about their plans of going to the wake right after we get back. It was horrifying to hear about the death of a professor and knowing that he killed himself made everything worse. He was very intelligent and very considerate. I think I would have failed his subject if he did not consider my attendance. It was a shame I did not listen to his lectures.

* * *

Wei told me a while ago that my high school schoolmate died two weeks ago because of cancer. I was sad because I know this guy personally -- most probably because his name is Raymond, he was Mr. LS, and I believe I have talked to him once or twice. He's had cancer for years now.

He was very brave to have fought his battle and I salute him for that.

* * *

It is heartbreaking to hear about young people dying.

Wherever the both of you may be, may you rest in peace. +

Sunday, November 23, 2008


I was reading a blog a while ago of a woman who was married to her bestfriend and they're still together after four years. While I cannot possibly imagine myself married to my bestfriend and I know he feels the same--HAHAHA (he would rather die than be compared to Mon XD),I think it's cute to see bestfriends turn into couples. :)

It's our Spanish oral evaluations tomorrow (no, it does not involve a dentist appointment - corny). XD I cannot stop thinking about this subject! I have never failed a language subject before. NEVERRRRRR!!!

Sure, Spanish is just an elective, but it's worth four credits... FOUR CREDITS!!! This subject can easily tear my dreams apart (okay now, that's exaggerating). I do not blame the professor though. He's an awesome prof who loves sloths: Wei's favorite animal.

Ah, I still remember those times when we spent the whole hour of music class thinking about and laughing at sloths and how they look like Ben. BAHAHAHHAHA! June's impersonation wasn't very bad either. XD Jeez fifols, I miss you all so much.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

¿Lo pasaste muy bien?

Spanish is very very very very frustrating.

Blame the irregular verbs and their preterite forms.



Lumayas layas ka nga diyan. May pa- "mwah-mwah" ka pang nalalaman!! Gusto mong sipain kita?

Wehehehe. Ang siga oh. As if namang may karapatan akong gawin yun. :))

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Nakakaloka. EVER. again.

Yung quiz na kung saan 30 minutes lang ako nagreview, yun pa ang pinakamataas. XD

The power of panghuhula, beybeh! Haha. :)

Friday, November 14, 2008

'San na nga ba ang barkada ngayon?


After seven years, does it still exist?




We grew older, lived new lives, found new friends, discovered what we want to be, and realized who we want to be.

Seven years.

It was not the same friendship I used to know. Distance and destiny have set us apart from each other.

Happy Anniversary, Katorse.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I dreamt that George Lopez is my current Spanish teacher.



Where did that come from? I don't even watch his show that much. XD

Okay, back to my paperSSSSSSS. *cries*

Betty & Armando forever and ever. :)

Beatriz Pengson and Armando Solis (ahem) from I Love Betty La Fea,
the Philippine version of the Colombian hit series Yo Soy Betty La Fea. :)

JLC is love. <3<3<3<3<3<3

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

You lit the fire that I burn in.

Hala, sige. magprocrastinate na naman!

Our English 201 journal is due on Friday, and I still have 6 stories and 4 (?) poems to write about. :( It's a really good thing Prof. Neumann turned out to be an awesome prof. She's probably the next best thing to Dr. Ladia, my high school English teacher. Her fondness for literature is starting to rub on me. XD

Now that I've thought of it, I've never had instructors who are this influential (with the exception of Ms. Najarilla--she's still the most influential and the best History teacher EVER). Prof. Neumann (Composition) reduced my fear of writing papers, Dr. McReynolds (Abnormal Psychology) gave me an opportunity to gain a piece of my social life back, Mr. Baxter (Spanish) made want to learn another language, and Ms. Elder (Nutrition) helped me live a healthier lifestyle (I cut down my meat intake by half :] ).

* * *

Am I the only person on earth who's not reading Twilight? Even my supervisor at work reads the book!

An awful lot of girls would might throw stones at me once they read this, but oh well...

I think Robert Pattinson is unattractive.

*Image from: ViewImages

While I do agree about Edward Cullen being the perfect man (because he DOESN'T exist--HAHAHA), I could not simply bring myself to say that Robert Pattinson is perfect for Edward's role.

But then again, that's just me. If I find a guy attractive, it means any of these 3 things: either (1)you're really attractive, (2) you're chubby in a cute way, or (3)you're gay.

Mark Feehily: gay AND guapo
(whoever objects will be thrown in a truck full of boiling earwax-ew)

*Image from:

There is one guy who fits all those 3 descriptions though, and I am sane enough NOT to disclose his name. Not here, at least.

* * *
Can fly like a bird in the sky
I can buy anything that money can buy
I can turn a river into a raging fire
I can live forever,
If I so desire

Unimportant, are all these things I can do
'Cause I can't get next to you

It is a little sad to see this semester end. Maybe it's because it stressed me so much I got so used to it. This may also be the very last time I'll get to see him because starting on January, I will (hopefully) be with SDSU and study full-time at the West River campus. He'll be graduating real soon too. Well, it's fun while it lasted. :P

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Put Some Donkey, Baby!

Dang, that cat knows how to groove!


It was actually "Puss and Donkey, baby"; not Put Some Donkey, baby.

haha. binggirl again.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Would YOU like to ganito mag-speak? Use Google Translate.

Dahil 2 araw walang internet dahil sa chuvang blizzard na yan (at wala rin kaming pasok), nung nagka-internet, napagtripan kong balikan yung mga lumang blog entries (konek?) XD.

  • Yung mga pagpa-power trip namin ni June na pinagtatawanan namin yung patellar reflex at yung pagkanta namin ng "Black Black Heart" tuwing Algebra.
  • Yung ilang beses kong pag-"dive" sa pavement at sa mga halaman. Haha! Kawawang semento.
  • Yung McDo days na pinagiipunan ko pa. Pag walang pera, Sundae cone lang ang kaya kong orderin.
  • Yung Saturday "meetings" na madalas nauuwi sa lakwatsa.
  • Yung pagkabaliw ko sa Harry Potter na nagdrowing pa ako ng lightning scar sa noo ko.
  • Mga pamatay na impersonations ni June.
  • Yung T.L.E. lessons namin a.k.a. recess.
  • Yung paghabol sa bus na kung saan nasabit pa si Jewilyn.
  • Yung mga kambing na kumakain ng malutong na dahon.
  • Yung mabahong bunga ng puno na nalalaglag.
  • Yung lagi akong naiipit sa bintana.
  • Sina Marshie at Mallow.
  • Yung mga bansag sa akin. HAHAHA!
  • Mga murang pagkain.
  • Everything that has to do with Math (Algebra, Trigonometry, CHEMISTRY, Calculus). Late reaction yung utak ko, ngayon ko lang sila naintindihan.
  • Yung mga contests na sinasalihan namin tuwing lunch.
  • Isa pang sobrang kabaliwan ko sa Westlife na ginawan ko pa ng wedding invitation. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA ulit.
  • Yung frog dissection na kung saan wala ng lahat yung internal organs e buhay pa yung palaka.
  • Yung pagquiz namin sa dahon ng bougainvillea courtesy of Sr. Dungo.

  • Yung-pagpa the power trip by June that we we pinagtatawanan the patellar reflex, and who we singing of "Black Black Heart" during Algebra.
  • The few times I to "dive" in the pavement and plants. Haha! Kawawang cement.
  • Yung McDo days that I pinagiipunan yet. If no money, Sundae cone just so I orderin.
  • The Saturday "meetings" that often nauuwi on truancy.
  • The insanity I Harry Potter that I nagdrowing of lightning scar on my forehead.
  • That the murderous impersonations by June.
  • Yung T.L.E. lessons we a.k.a. recess.
  • Yung chasing the bus where nasabit pa si Jewilyn.
  • The goat that the eating of crunchy leaves.
  • The stink of fruit trees that nalalaglag.
  • Yung I always naiipit window.
  • Sina Marshie and Mallow.
  • The slogan for me. HAHAHA!
  • The cheap food.
  • Everything that has to do with Math (Algebra, Trigonometry, Chemistry, Calculus). Late reaction yung brain I, now I only understood them.
  • Yung these contests that we sinasalihan every lunch.
  • Another too preposterous to Westlife that I do I have a wedding invitation. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA again.
  • The Frog dissection where none of all the internal organs e extant yung frog.
  • Yung pagquiz we rim of bougainvillea courtesy of Sr. Stolid.

Eto pa:

Srsly... HUWAAAAATTT??!!!

And that is precisely why I do not rely on GoogleTranslate to help me with Spanish. :p

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I'm not a citizen, but I care

OBAMA WON!!! Weeeee!


no. :(

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Vote YES to Measure 11

Say YES to life, vote yes to Measure 11.

What is Measure 11?

An Abortion Ban Initiative will appear on the November 2008 ballot in South Dakota as an initiated constitutional amendment. The ban measures is known as Initiated Measure 11. If the state's voters approve it, the South Dakota Constitution will henceforward ban all abortions in the state except for those performed because of rape, incest or to protect the woman's health. Doctors who perform an abortion in violation of this initiative's provisions could be charged with a Class 4 felony, which in South Dakota carries a maximum punishment of 10 years in jail and a $20,000 fine.


Want more info? Visit