Thursday, February 22, 2007

the first month of spring sem

i enrolled late for the spring sem and i was left with no choice but to enroll in Sociology 100 and Logic 200 (Logic 200 is one of the options for Humanities. i planned to take up Spanish 100 & 101 but i was late nga for enrolment and Philo 100 and Logic 200 were the only available subjects). i currently attend these classes from 4pm-7pm. i was not used to attending night classes and i was afraid i might fall asleep in one of my classes.
january 24, 2007-SOC 100 (my first time to attend)
mom and aunt esther accompanied me to my classroom (i was running a bit late and i needed help finding my room ) we ran into someone and asked her if she knew where room 13 was. the woman stared at me and said
"oh! these are college classes, not high school"
i grinned at the wall beside me (yey! mukha pa pala akong high school student. wrihihi) then explained that i am indeed a college student. she raised her eyebrows and pointed down the hallway where r13 was located, and i ran for it.
i entered the classroom with a strong urge of going back to the hallway and run back home--the usual. but of course, i figured out that this is what i have been waiting for so long and i might as well get into it.
so there, i scanned the room for a vacant seat and fortunately found one that suited me. the table third row on the left side of the room. perfect. i never wanted to take a seat where i am the (what i have labeled) "center of destruction".
the discussion went well, as i have expected, for the lessons are quite the same with what i have taken for my sociology when i was still in the philippines, with a few exceptions regarding class rules:
1. you can recite without raising your hand
2. you can interrupt the teacher
3. you don't have to stand when reciting
4. you can put your leg on the seat beside you (kung nangangawit ka)
5. best of all, you may eat in class
our prof permitted us to do anything as long as the act doesn't disturb anyone..
the only exception is sleeping. one of my classmates (bet he's tired from working) was caught sleeping and the professor just screamed at him
january 30, 2007-PHIL 200 (we did not have classes on jan 23 because our prof told us so--pardon my dumb reasoning)
our lesson was quite interesting. i was just disappointed because our prof e-mailed me to prepare chapters 1 & 2 in the text, and well, you know me (do you know me? LOL)--"preparing" meant taking notes and answering available exercises. mehn.. i did all of that in like, 3 days!! and we only tackled 2 or 3 pages (out of the 60+ that i have studied) T_T wah! nasobrahan ata ako ng kasipagan..
well, i have learned my lesson--from now on, i will only take note of bold, italicized words in the book, and i will not answer the exercises. (my nose bled when i answered the first batch.. haha! brain's not capable of too much info)
what's (still) funny was that my prof kept pointing out mistakes the author of the book have committed--and that he only required that book because it would be weird if he didn't.
so there.. my first month of school here in the US.
i still don't have any friends here.