Sunday, September 02, 2007

Weight Issues, Fall Semester, and because I was Tagged.

I was fixing my closet last night when I realized that 8 out of the 9 pants that I brought from the Philippines don’t fit me anymore! I’m guessing one of them just shrunk in the wash because it was labeled size 13 and I’m a size 12 (anobayun, tama bang i-broadcast ang size? LOL). 90% of my shirts don’t fit me anymore too, and I was so disappointed when I tried them on and nearly ripped them when I took them off. I cannot hide the horrifying truth that I AM IN MY FATTEST STATE, and what’s worse is that I’M STILL GETTING FATTER—and guess what I’m doing now. I’m eating again.


What’s WORST, for me at least, is that I will be taking Chemistry—my nemesis. I have NEVER gotten a decent grade on this subject and I don’t know if I ever will. My other classes would be Chem Lab, Anatomy & Anatomy Lab, and Psychology. My Anatomy and Psych professors have received good reviews in Myspace and I hope that it would be the same for me.

Tuesday will be the start of classes for Fall Sem. This is the very first time that I will attend on-campus classes—and I mean on the actual university, unlike that of Spring Sem where I just had classes on the nearby high school building “rented” by the university. This also meant that I should drive to the campus (which is 30 minutes away) all by myself, 4x a week. I just came from from my practice and I’m happy everything went perfect this time. The last time I drove, I stopped beyond the white line and nearly bumped on a new (I don’t know if it’s really new, but it sure looked like it) Honda CRV.

Well, I’m off. Thanks for reading and God bless y’all. :D

P.S. If ever you know any form of dieting which really works, and does not involve starving myself to death, please share it to me. I want my clothes back. :D

* * *

8 Things About Me

1. I shudder at the sight of a lotus seedpod.

2. I LOVE Squidward Tentacles.

3. I love the color green.

4. I love sinigang.

5. I'm bad at singing.

6. I am a pre-nursing student.

7. I love cows, and I love to eat beef. ;D

8. I'm a Harry Potter, Hale, Lifehouse, and Sarah McLachlan fan. :)

I'm tagging Tristan, Wey, Jafita, and Juneneng. :D

* * *

In other news, I MUST HAVE this shirt.