Sunday, December 30, 2007

New blog address

As you can see, I have changed my blog address from to

If you try going to the first address, you will see a huge "CLICK HERE" which would direct you to this site.

So you might wonder who Montreaux is, and why I name almost everything after him. My first e-mail, which is was named after Fawkes (the Phoenix in Harry Potter) and Montreaux. I also use Montreaux as my username in a number of online accounts I own. I even useD it as a password.

Here he is:

Nah, NOT Dan! Montreaux is the DOG who (yeah, I just used who) was with Dan in the Face pictorial. See, I adore Siberian Huskies and the very first time I saw this sweet cute nut (and it was in 2001) was like love at first sight XD. So from then on, I have decided to use that adorable name hoping for some of his cuteness to rub on me. LOL. Apparently, it's effective. Haha.

I have also decided to remove the Cbox since
  • no one's leaving messages in it anymore
  • the color clashes with the new layout, and I am too lazy to customize it and copy-paste the codes again
Well, I think that's all for now. I have LOADS to blog about, but I'm itching to go and play Mario. (After 928756286758275868 years) I have finally gotten past Kappa the Devastator! PWAHAHAHAHAHA..

Ciao for now, and