Saturday, October 20, 2007

Belated. :)

Before anything else, I would like to share this blog link to anyone looking for a good laugh.

And yes. It's Inday's blog. The Harvard-worthy maid. :D

* * *

Our (Ben, Jewilyn, and me) birthday celebration at Romjin's place, San Jose Tarlac City, Philippines.

Kam said there were lots of food, I hope they saved some for me! Hahaha. As if. :P

Anyway, I wish I was there with you guys.. I miss you so much! It's nice to know na after 3 years of high school graduation, you still hang out with each other and still pull off the same ol' jokes.

*Wait til I get my hands on you, June and Louie! Horse huh?! LOL. :)