Thursday, October 04, 2007

Recalling Birthdays

This is the very first (post)card/greeting I received for my birthday. I know its an automated greeting from the University, but--what the heck. I'm getting a 22 oz soda for free! (problem is, I have no idea where that snack bar is)

Well, at least kahit automated, naalala nyang birthday ko. Hindi siya nagmalfunction, o kaya nabura yung memory nang biglaan. Buti pa yung computer, naaalala yung birthday ko.

I have always thought about how my 18th birthday would turn out. I have always hoped that by this time, I'm a 3rd year nursing student at SLU, and I would be celebrating this special day with my family and friends. I never ever dreamt of wearing a gown on that day. Everyone would be in their most comfortable outfits, having fun. Well, these all changed when we got here.

Now, I don't want any parties. I just want to stay home and spend time with my family. A nice DVD would be nice with some popcorn and Dr. Pepper (my favorite ).

I miss being a kid.

This was taken on my third birthday. Take note of the fashion trend those days. Mom, my aunts, and ate Tina would roll some ground rice (?!) for sampelot while I steal some food from the table. Me and my cousins were running around the house, with the string of our balloons tied on our wrist. Ah, yes. Balloons. Lots and lots of balloons make up my birthday. They were tied on almost every chair, every handle, and every kid's hand, while a bunch was kept in the bathroom to prevent other kids from getting them (they're exclusively for me, Mom made sure of that).

This is my favorite picture of me and Inang, my grandmother (I think this is our only picture together..hmmmm). And this was on my first birthday. I terribly miss her. I just hope she gets well real soon. I keep praying for that.

That white cloth you see with lots of cut outs holds a lot of memories. It was used for (I think) 5 or 6 birthday celebrations, and that same tablecloth was also the one used when Sir Gherold spoke for our Values Ed. class *sings "I remember the daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay" XD* and that's what I wrapped around myself when I "joined" Ms. UN (I was Ms. Israel). I wonder where it is now.

I miss home so much. Wish I could go back, even just for a day. It's been years since I had a really fun birthday celebration. I miss celebrating it with family and friends. I miss being happy knowing I lived for another year.