Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Seriously... WHY?!

Why does it ALWAYS have to be me? my batch? my section?

SDSU has raised its standards with regards to the admission of students in the Nursing Major. They have decided not to accept students who failed the Biology courses even once AND included an interview with the Undergraduate Admission & Scholastic Standards Committee.

Although I am very worried about their policy on the failure thingy (since there is a possibility I might fail that Microbiology subject), I am more worried about the interview part. I hate interviews--especially now that I HAVE to speak straight English. I mean, I can speak English, but not with their accent...and I am prone to word salads.

Here's the "best" part: This will take effect on Fall 2008. FALL 2008!!! FALL TWO-THOUSAND-EIGHT!!! MY time of application! Our batch would be the first one to undergo such changes!


What's worse is that they're only going to accept 48 students here in the Rapid City area and I think there are about 150+ students on my batch that will apply with me--AND DON'T GIVE ME THE "150 lang?!" FACE. About 130+ of those 150+ are straight A students. STRAIGHT A!!! 4.0 GPA! Daaaaaarn. They're all rolling over their perfect grades while here I am, on the verge of failing a subject I'm taking for the second time!

Way to boost my confidence.

This is a really bad day. I didn't get enough sleep because I have a frikkin cold (and I can't breathe properly) and I had to mingle with bacteria and lift weights for our laboratory classes. Now I have a bad cough and my throat is really sore and I'm afraid I'll lose my voice by tomorrow.

Ano ba. Hindi ba talaga para sa akin itong Nursing?