Saturday, April 26, 2008


I took my Chemistry-Lab final exam this morning. It's an open notebook exam so it was pretty easy. I just hope I placed Hydrogen in their correct places. I actually felt a little sad when I left the room after the exam. That class is one of the best I have this sem. Sigh.

I just discovered the beauty of lj-cut and I might transfer to LJ because of that. Haha. Madali kasi akong masilo, so here you go:

This is what I did last night instead of reviewing my Microbiology notes. Haha. I have no tablet so I just drew them on scrap papers and scanned those. If I ever get a job and save $1600, I AM going to get a TabletPC. Pramis.

I told Mom about the GIANTmicrobes and she thinks it's a good idea for me to get one (para daw ganahan mag-aral). Yayyyyyy mommie!

I have to go back to my Microbiology, our 4th exam is on Monday na, and I MUST get an A on this exam to pull my grades up. Rarr. O_O