Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lasang sapal ang tinapay.

Jeez, it's been a while since I last posted a decent entry. Well, here we go...

As I've said in my entry prior to this, I got all my grades yesterday. I am very thankful I finished this semester with acceptable grades, especially with my Microbiology subject. It's nice to take a vacation after a semester's worth of hardwork. :) No pain, no gain. ;)

I'm working out. *laughter* No, seriously-- I AM working out. My heart spoke to me a week ago, complaining how hard it is to pump with all of the fat. HAHA. Aunt and I started this exercise regimen last Monday at the EAFB gym. I've never been on a programmable treadmill before so I nearly slipped the first time I stepped on it. Haahaa. Silo. There were, of course, musclely and cute guys in there, but I don't give a damn. I have muscles AND I am cute too, yah know. XD Pagbigyan, pagbigyan.

I have NO idea why, but WebAdvisor won't let me register for SDSU's Nutrition class for Fall, so I decided to move to BHSU's which means I have to drop my Spanish class at SDSMT and take SPAN at BHSU 7-10pm twice a week. There is something very appealing with night classes. Maybe it's because I am most active at night (uyyy, pareho kami ni "only one". HAHA). Whateburr. I am excited for my Spanish subject. I don't know how I'm supposed to learn Spanish in a class, but I hope we would deal with the Castillan Spanish, because that's where most Tagalog words were derived from. MY surname is Spanish: dela cruz means "of the cross"--so gracia dela cruz means "grace of the cross". WOW. Last thing I knew, I AM the cross XD.

Last week, I had the sudden urge to look up some F4 (Meteor Garden) songs. They all brought back memories of San Cai, Dao Ming Si, and my beloved Lei :D. I like "Season of Fireworks" the best, even though I can't understand a word of it XD. I personally think Meteor Garden is one of the best shows I've seen.

I'm taking just 6 units for the summer. I don't want to make the same mistake I did last summer where I had 11 units worth of online subjects. only had 3 hours of sleep every DAY (I didn't sleep during the night) and I gained weight. O_O

I will be taking 15 units during the fall T_T and I don't feel good about that ENG 201 and HSC 120. But I'm definitely looking forward for my SPAN 101 and PSYC 451 (Abnormal Psychology) classes.

We'll be watching PRINCE CASPIAN on either Saturday or Sunday (YAYYYYYYYYYY). William Mosely rawks!

Will think of more stuff to post here. :D Til then, my sweetcakes!