Wednesday, May 07, 2008

May ulol na aso sa daan

Spring 2008 has come to an end!


I got my Microbiology grade this morning and I AM VERY HAPPY WITH IT! Me loves me WBCs again! *hugs self*

Lori's supposed to give us our Physiology grades tomorrow, that's why I can't get a wink of sleep. Mehn. I wonder when will I see my grades for my other subjects. Our last Chemistry and Microbiology-Lab exams killed me.

I'm planning to apply for a job on Sunday. I need munneh. I doubt my student loan will be enough to cover all of my expenses and there are way too many straight-A students to compete with just to get that scholarship--that's why I am desperate for a job. Kahit taga-tiklop lang.

I am working on my diet (naks). So far, I got one pair of pants back--which is good enough for me. I still have 9 pairs of pants I have to fit into. O_O I still have a month before Summer classes.

Here's a quick recap of what happened this sem:

  • lost 2 erasers.
  • met THE E. coli again.
  • dissected a cow's eyeball.
  • discovered my superb physical strength and excellent vision. Haaahaaa
  • had NO campus crush(es). :(
  • took a late-night Chemistry class and LOVED it. :)
  • took Microbiology, lost hope, worked hard, and succeeded.
  • took Physiology, laughed, and learned.
  • burned 2 CDs (or was it 3?)
  • had a spring break.
  • wrote a Chemistry paper.
  • took care of bacteria.
  • had some fun conversations. :)
  • discovered the library's computer lounge.
  • wasted used the school printer's ink.
  • didn't miss a class.
  • crammed for several exams.
  • found out my blood type (A+).
  • got more blood than what I needed.
  • faked running. :D
  • laughed at an F.
  • nearly died.
  • poked fun at something.
  • enjoyed others' company.
  • shared life. :)
To all my classmates and professors who made this semester at BHSU and SDSMT worth reminiscing,

Thank you very much. :)