Wednesday, March 05, 2008


It is where carabaos graze, and coconut trees grow,
A land where mountains rise, and waterfalls flow.

It is where I played in the fields, and climbed the mango tree,
A time when my cousins and I were one, and also three.

It is where I ran to, when I was too weak,
A place where I rested, when there were answers to seek.

It is where I voyaged, wondering what is there to see,
A time of search, with a longing to be free.

It is where I held hands, and where I kissed,
A land where I grew up, a land that will be missed.

It is where I smiled, and where I wept,
A land of memories, always in mind it is kept.

It is where I was born, and though I now depart,
The beautiful land of the Philippines, I keep close to my heart.

by David Eric Poarch
written Feb. 11, 2008

taken from coconuter.

* * *

I miss you, my dear country. I can't wait until I'm back in your arms again.