Friday, March 28, 2008


I love Thursdays. Since I don't have any classes on that day, I get to wake up whenever I want and keep up with my schoolwork without any pressure. I like studying for fun (did I just say THAT? Haha). I mean, I like to study just because I want to, not because there's an exam tomorrow and I have to spend the whole day studying for it.

Yesterday's Thursday and these are what I call "Thursday thingies".

I won a set of FIFTEEN hardbound John Grisham novels at eBay. I purchased all of them for $25 (shipping included) and saved approximately $30. YAYAYAYYY! Me loves saving munneh!

Here are the book titles:

1. The Pelican Brief

2. The Client

3. The Chamber

4. The Rainmaker

5. The Runaway Jury

6. The Parter

7. The Street Lawyer

8. The Brethren

9. A Painted House

10. Skipping Christmas

11. The Summons

12. The King of Torts

13. The Bleachers

14. The Last Juror

15. The Broker

Here's a picture of these beauties:

I'm planning to resell The Broker and/or The Brethren since I already have those two, but I still have to think about it.

I am absolutely addicted to the works of Grisham. A Time to Kill is probably his best work (I haven't read The Firm yet, but I heard it's really good). I remember reading it for our book report when I was in third year high school. It was Tristan who lent me the book, and I can't thank him enough for that. I got a frikkin B for the report but--DUH. I hate reading NOVELS for the sake of passing a subject.

Anyway, I had a crush on Jake Brigance and was deeply saddened when his house was burned down.

The Brethren is a good one too. I don't know why, but I have a strange liking for books where they force people like Quince to give them whatever they want (you wouldn't know what I mean unless you read it). Maybe I could use the Brethren's idea to get someone to marry me. Haha. I kid, I kid.

The Broker took me more than a year to finish. I felt like a turtle on a 100-mile race while reading it. If you want to learn Italian or how everything goes at Bologna, Italy, I suggest you read this one. I think the last few pages pulled it off though.

I want to meet Teddy Maynard. =)

I've also read N. Spark's The Guardian. I love love love love it! It was my first time to read that kind of novel and I simply CAN'T let go of the book! I was like:

While reading Chapter 1...

Okay, I'm gonna read until the end of this chapter only.

After Chapter 1, I looked at the time...

It's still early, I'll go ahead and read Chapter 2.

After Chapter 2...

Promise, hanggang Chapter 5 na lang.

After Chapter 7...

Chapter 10. Promise. Eto na talaga.

After Chapter 16...

Eeeeee! Chapter 20!

After Chapter 20, I had to put it as far away from me as possible, so I could go back to my review.

The next day, instead of studying for my Chemistry exam, I finished the book--so I had to stay up late and study. The result? Stupid exam mistakes. I almost flattened my forehead slapping it everytime I remember my answers. What the hell was I thinking when I wrote that? Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

But I still love Sparks. =)

Next thing on the list: The Notebook

I'm currently reading Susan Minot's Evening. So far, I'm NOT liking it. I was shocked when I read the first page. I scanned the other pages and nearly cried.

Where the hell are the quotation marks?

It might not be a major problem for many, but it is for me.

Oh boy. Another one that will take me ages to finish.

* * *


I joined the Candy Blog Awards that's why I feel a little obliged to post entries.

I love my Chemistry class. I didn't want to take that class at first since it's on 7-10pm and I'm afraid I will doze off in class or I might run into someone or something while driving at night, but neither has happened to me, so thank God. I like my classmates too. I was actually surprised when they started talking to me and saying "Hello" whenever I come in. I like the way they smile and crack jokes. They don't complain that much too. We share the same rants about Microbiology and Nursing, but we don't go to the point where we blame everything to our professors. They're hardworkers too. Only a handful have their laptops with them and I can see that they use them only to take notes. There's a certain look of eagerness on their faces. Parang gusto talaga nilang matuto, and I like that.

We have a really good instructor too. Karl Emanuel is one of the smartest men I've ever met. He is the smartest Chemistry professor I EVER had, and that's saying something (considering I've taken Chemistry for the 4th time since high school). Sometimes he gets carried away by a certain subject, but it's OK. At least the randomness is still related to Chemistry. XD And all his extra efforts--imagine staying at the library for 4 hours just to do 2 study sessions during the weekend. If only my high school Chemistry teacher was like that.

One of the reasons why I didn't want to take classes at BHSU is because last year, I had all my classes under that school and all my classmates were like x_x. I was a loner. No one talked to me. No one even LOOKED at me! Sad. But boy am I glad I took this Chemistry with that school. I still don't like the idea of a Chemistry paper though.

When I was taking Chemistry at SDSMT last semester, a lot of students were just playing solitaire or updating their Facebook accounts instead of listening to the instructor--and they're the ones who complain a lot. Kesyo kasalanan daw ng teacher, kesyo hindi nila maintindihan yung accent.. Blah blah blah, whatever whatever whatever. Sometimes, I want to scream at them. It's your fault. You never listened. You never tried to understand the subject. They really don't know what they're saying. I doubt if they would last a day at SLU, especially with Ma'am Oda. Baka nagwala sila doon nang hindi oras. Wala kasing patawad doon.

I need a campus crush. NOW. Why? Because I have to lose weight. Fast. And the sight of a campus crush will somehow inspire me to lessen my food intake. Now that I've mentioned it, I've noticed I started gaining weight right after I "lost" those campus crushes. WOW. I have a lot of cute/handsome classmates but I haven't taken a liking to any of them. Weird. Maybe it's because none of them is Raymond-ish or Daniel-ish enough to make it to the list. And yes, I actually have a list of my crushes. I might post it here someday--I don't really care since 77 of them are famous actor/singers. My last count was 84, and the last one was Ben Barnes of CoN: PRRRince Caspian. HAHA.

Hotter than siling labuyo? Neh.
He's hotter than half a gallon of Tabasco sauce (which could kill you, btw XD). Yebah!

*picture from JustJared

I miss B. Nasan na kaya siya? =(