Monday, March 31, 2008


I LOVE the SDSU Nursing uniform. Strictly prohibited din pala ang pagsuot nito kahit saan except sa clinical setting. SLU implemented the same rule with the pink uniform.

According to the Nursing Student Handbook,

The nursing student uniform and the name pin bearing the South Dakota State University (SDSU) emblem are to be worn when the student is participating in clinical experiences. The student uniform and name pin are worn only for clinical experiences as authorized by the College of Nursing. There are times when, due to time factors, students need to be ready for clinical laboratory while attending other classes on campus, or participating in other activities. For infection control purposes it would be advisable to wear a lab coat when wearing the uniform on campus prior to or after clinical sessions.

I miss wearing uniforms. Kahit araw-araw akong nagpplantsa noon, at least hindi ko na pinoproblema yung isusuot ko kinabukasan.

God, I miss high school so much. Walang araw na dumaan na hindi ako masaya noon. Sure, they called me names--naging horsey ako kasi mabilis akong tumakbo at syempre, ang ever famous baka-ness kasi.. aba ewan--but we know how to ride on a joke and we called each other names din naman (as in lahat yata, may bansag), so no biggie.

I could spend the whole day reminiscing high school, kaso inaantok na ako. Laturr na lang ulit, or baka bukas na lang. Bahala na si Batman.