Saturday, January 10, 2009


Today is my last day of work at Shopko. I gave the notice to our manager last Monday. I thought about my decision for a long time. I weighed the reasons for me to stay and for me to leave. I love my job. I like talking to random people. Most of our customers have stories they like sharing and I'm always eager to listen. Most of them are appreciative of my job and are thankful for simple efforts such as putting their purchases in their carts for them. This job gave me courage to explore the opportunities available and thus served as a way for me to get involved in two volunteer activities where I gained a lot of interpersonal experiences essential to my chosen major. The only downside of my job is that it is physically exhausting, but that's nothing compared to what I achieved through it.

I chose to leave because of school. Now that I'm in the major, subjects will get a lot harder and I would need all the time in the world to get through those. I have tried working and studying in the last semester and my life nearly fell apart. I was frustrated with my grades, I did not get enough sleep and worse, my parents and I constantly fought. My aunt convinced me to take a break from work and I did. In two weeks, I was able to pull everything together again.

I was a little sad while I was leaving the establishment a while ago. Who can blame me? I have worked at Shopko for seven months. I was not even planning to work that long--I was just looking for something to do during the summer vacation when I decided to just continue what I have started.

I will miss my job... and my co-workers too, of course.Align Center
* * *

Now let's lighten up a bit. I've been reading updates about my friends and high school classmates and I was informed that a number of the are running for honors. I am so proud of them. :D As for me, I'm running too... Running after a decent grade XD.

We will be having our orientation on the 14th of this month (this Wednesday :| ) AND I will be wearing my scrubs uniform. Wahahaha. Feel na feel talaga o.