Wednesday, November 22, 2006

harry, flags, and thanksgiving

please watch abc family channel 15 on december 1-3, 2006 for a weekend of harry potter. after the last film is the behind the scenes look at harry potter and the order of the phoenix. harry potter 3, which will be shown on dec 3, is the extended version of the third film, which was never shown before.

we've attended a retirement ceremony of my aunt's friend (he was an air force master sargeant). we were five minutes late and the flag ceremony has already started. as we approached the door, i saw people standing REALLY straight, facing the American flag with outmost respect. at that moment, i felt ashamed of myself on how i treated the Philippine flag. and there's people WORSE than me when it comes to respecting our flag. they don't even bother to stop and look up when a flag is raised. i've seen such scenarios in my school (high school) and it was then i thought: 'no wonder the life of most people in the Philippines does not get any better'.


tomorrow will be the biggest event this year--Thanksgiving Day. This is my first time to celebrate that event, and i'm not exactly thrilled with it. i'm not a 'people person' and i prefer to shut myself inside my room while listening to some feel-good music and munching on nachos than mingling with other people and keeping a smile pasted on my face. it's so hard going to parties where you have NO ONE TO TALK to. i'm stuck with my parents, aunt and uncle since i do not know anyone..yet.

i miss my friends soooooo much.

and my form 137 is still on-hold..