Friday, November 10, 2006

recent events taken into account..

October 9,2006

NAIA Waiting Lounge

I must say that this is not a good place for pouring out my thoughts in an "accidental notebook", but the big airplanes outside are too good to be true that I should do so. So here go my thoughts on my last minutes here in the Philippines.
I can hardly believe that I will see some snow soon. LOL.
I hope all will go well when we get there. It's hard leaving this country. It might not be one of the richest countries on earth, but it's still the best place ever.. Remember Dorothy: "there's no place like home".
I guess I’m looking forward for a better life, but sadly, I will live the same life with no accompaniment.
I still have about an hour and a half before I leave.. ta-ta for now so to savor the place before I say 'farewell'.

*food is so expensive here in the airport. Imagine having a chicken sandwich for 85 pesos!! duh, I’d rather have two hamburger meals from Mcdo 1.. damn.. I miss that place.

*while the plane was taking off, I had some foolish thinking of jumping out of the airplane to go back to our house and hug its walls. I also thought of imitating the animated Mr. bean who put some lipstick dots in his face and pretended that he was sick. LOL..
I’m always thinking stupid thoughts.
as the plane rose up in the air, I can't help but fight back tears.
I left people and things that are very special to me. I hope I can get through even though I’m a thousand miles away from them.
October 9, 2006
7:20pm-Philippine time
5:20am-US Time
still on board--and still bored (stifles a yawn).. I'm currently listening to some classical music (which repeated itself for the nth time)from the plane's radio which I’ve been listening to for the past 4 hours. we boarded off at Japan at 12pm (Phil time) and waited at the lounge for the connecting flight.
I must say that my first ever plane ride is nothing but a real mess. before the plane took off in manila, I immediately felt that something not good is coming up. the plane gathered enough speed and took off, sending waves of nausea to my senses. I was praying at the same time I felt the insides of my head spinning, and now, it's just my luck to experience another occurrence of an air pocket. SIGH. so-- there's this Lindsay Lohan film now showing in the big screen in front of us, and I’ve been trying to read their lips because as I have said, I turned on the radio for some music and that means I have no access to their dialogues. okay, I’m feeling dizzy again.
I’ll catch you later. =)
Tokyo’s really beautiful..

*hey Japan lovers (wey, jaf, tan, june) wish you were there with me.. there are lots of anime merchandise (can't get enough of them) and if I’ll suppose they're harry potter thingies, I’ll scream.
*I realized that I won't last a week in Japan. we were ordering at McDonald’s and we were really having a hard time understanding their English. LOL (betcha they also had a hard time understanding ME, =D)

October 9, 2006
US Time-12:50nn
Phil Time-2:50am
Minneapolis airport
we're currently sitting at the waiting lounge waiting for our turn to board the plane. atmosphere's really quiet with just a few people here.
Minneapolis is really beautiful. I admire how they organize things and they really consider time as gold. My worst decision so far? wearing open-toed sandals on a SIX DEGREE weather. It's really cold out here--colder than Baguio, and I mean it's the coldest place that I have been to so far, and I guess this would be the farthest I could get.LOL. It's so weird seeing these blonde, red, brown, and gray-haired people surrounding me. It suddenly occurred to me that in here, blondes dominate. on the brighter side, I felt good to see some Filipinos mingling with Americans and the sort.

*the Minneapolis airport is one of the best sights that I have laid my eyes on. My jaw did not actually drop, but in my head, I saw myself drooling and my eyes popping in wonder. there was food of
all sorts, shops, walkways.. oooooooooooh, gotta luuuuuuuuuuuuv
those walkways.. TALAGANG NAKAKASILO!! I had a hard time pretending
that everything's just the usual. that place was WAY BETTER than the
mall of Asia.. to think that that place was only an airport. (wala
ka na ben, di mo na ako maiinggit sa mga mall ng manila, wahehehe)

US Time-2:25pm
Phil time-4:45am
onboard domestic flight for rapid city south Dakota. an hour of travel to be expected. I'm seated beside the window and am apparently too bored for the view of a northwest pathway and a flammable gas vehicle.

*too bad I have to wait for an hour before I go to the cr.. =(

October 22, 2006
my room
westwind drive, box elder sd
friggin miss the Philippines!
I had a great time here for the past few weeks!

Monday-Oct 9, 2006, 3:30pm
we arrived at rapid city international airport. boy, you've gotta love that toilet bowl (which flushes automatically) and those automatic tissue dispensers.. and even the faucets are automatic!!! aunt Esther fetched us. that day's temperature was 4 degrees and we're freezing! good thing aunt brought some extra jackets which kept us warm while on the way to her car. south Dakota is a really splendid place. It seemed so peacefully civilized and everyone and everything were so.. be-e-a-you-tee-full!!! aunt broiled some beef for dinner and it was SOOOOOOOOOOOO delishamoose!! (cannibalism, dude!)

Tuesday-Oct 10, 2006
we first went at the Ellsworth air force base to buy a phone card for our long distance calls. there, we met some Filipinas taking a break at the local burger shop. (and I also saw some lee, Raymond, & Vernon look-alikes.. wahehehe), then we went downtown (Wal-Mart) and did some shopping for our bathroom and hygiene. after that, we had some rest. weather's still freezing.

Wednesday-Oct 11, 2006
off to mount Rushmore to see the sights!! the four faces are like--
"WEOOOW.. are those real?" I was wondering all along how ingenious Mr. Borglum was to have thought of carving them there! The temperature's really cold and the wind felt as if it was peeling the skin off my face. we did not get the chance to get closer to the four faces coz our inch-thick jackets were 'too thin' for the weather. we went home earlier than what was planned. we purchased some gloves and thingies for the below zero temps. we got home feeling really tired. Good thing I had my room fixed earlier this morning. My room's smaller here than my room back in the Philippines, but it's really cozy, and the bed's really firm.. (at last, no backaches in the morning!). I had a picture of a really cute cat on my wall & a porcelain portrait of wilee coyote.. hehe

Thursday-Oct 12, 2006
one ordinary day for me. we went downtown for some groceries, and did some dusting on the house (yeah, there's still some dust because a construction was going on about a kilometer away from my aunt's house). we fixed mom & dad's room and some more dusting. today's my birthday in the Philippines.. aunt Esther said that means I have two
birthdays this year, but uncle Ross said that'll be cheating coz it'll mean I’ll have two celebrations (and more food).

Friday-Oct 13, 2006
my birthday, but it didn't feel like it was. I was so preoccupied with adjusting to my new surroundings that I almost forgot my OWN birthday. we went at the afb and bought the ingredients for the food that we'll cook tomorrow for my birthday celebration. there, we met some Filipino people again and stopped to say hello. after that, we went to buy my birthday present.. here came one of my happiest moments.. to find out that there's only 3 sizes of pants smaller than mine!! and there are more sizes that are bigger.. dude, back in the Philippines, there was NO pair of pants that fitted me. we also dropped by the computer store to find me a computer, but since my aunt was not familiar with the hardware thingies (and so am I), we went back home and my aunt decided to consult my cousins first before buying a unit.
back in the Philippines, I was always wishing that I’ll spend my seventeenth birthday in the united states, but now that I’ve got that wish, I guess I’m still not that happy. It'll be better if I’ll have it celebrated with my buddies (miss ya folks!) and a simple dinner with my family to go with it.

Saturday-Oct 14, 2006
I had my birthday party that afternoon. so there we went, going around the house and cooking (well, I did not cook, I just helped out). we had three cakes to go with the delishamoose food and before the sun was down, I was stuffed! here's one funny thing that happened that afternoon: I went down at the basement and decided to just watch the TV coz all of the er... adults were talking about things that were.. ya know.. out of our interest. I was surprised to see that it was open, but there's no one there. I stood up in front of it and changed the channel to Disney and saw the commercial where raven, chels & eddie were dancing. I was saying aloud "mukha talagang ewan 'tong mga 'to,hehe, nakakatawa" and my usual "ohooow, kowt nila wayvein!" (translation: cute nila raven).. well, ya know how LOUD my voice is.. I was laughing the 'airy laugh' when I heard something. I turned at my back and saw the brother of one of our visitors walking out of the basement 2's door, looked at me and smiled. DAMN, I scurried to get up the stairs and sat by the dining table, and pretended as if nothing embarrassing has ever happened. and mind you, he looked a bit good looking (a better version of PBB teen's mikee) which meant a higher level of embarrassment for me.LOL

Sunday- Oct 15, 2006
we attended our first mass here in the US. the chapel's a bit small.
it's a 2 in 1 chapel where protestants also celebrate their gathering. snow's expected to fall on Tuesday.

other notes arranged in random.. My memory's already full I can't
remember the precise time and date
*there was a Raymond look-alike at the Ellsworth afb gate. he asked for my aunt's id and I was just dumbstruck. I stared at him and almost smiled dreamily at him, good thing I thought twice coz it was til we got home when I realized that the windows of our car were not tinted!
*there was again a really cute guy named Jason at the driver license exam station. My head was flying while staring at his back, and much to my shame when the lady at the counter handed me the result of my exam (I failed, wahehee). My dad passed the exam (I have an excuse to fail coz all I know about driving is putting on the seatbelt) and it was Jason who accompanied him to do the actual driving test.. and there I went, imagining what would happen if I’ll pass the test and Jason would be the one to accompany me. boy, I’ll freeze, and I’ll surely fail.. (duh, how would you expect me to be able to step on the accelerator when I already had frozen like a statue?)
*I love the television here coz I got to watch that's so raven & zack & cody halloween marathons and new episodes without those pesky news reports interfering with my viewing. LOL.
*I started watching hannah montana ever since I saw my sister-in-law in the show. she's miley's bestfriend.. dudes, you gotta watch that show too.. It's nice. (and I’m not saying this to show my support for my sis in law, emily osment)
*I had my first ever "snow fall watch" last Thursday. I love seeing those snowflakes.. I never thought that the snowflake is the actual snow that falls from the sky!
*Oct 22, 2006-we attended mass at this BEAUTIFUL cathedral where everything seemed serene. feels like you're in heaven.
*the first time I saw snow was like our first week here. the wind was really strong that night, but I did not expect snow to fall that evening. the next day, I woke up and pulled back my curtains, and I saw the grounds all covered with white. I hurriedly got my jacket on and proceeded to door to scoop up some snow.. and dude, snow was nothing like the ice that we had in our freezer. It was very fine and it can be easily shaped into a ball (and so I made a snowball).
*you can't have enough cows here. they're almost everywhere.. and one's currently typing. LOL

Friday-Oct 27,2006
9:31pm, my room
I just finished watching "serendipity".. and, oh shoot, it instantly changed my view of american romantic films as those with nothin but the *tootoot* stuff. I was hanging on every word they said and I was simply like.. "awwwwww, sweeeet!!" and I’m currently imagining myself as sara and jonathan could be daniel, rj, lee, haley, or any of my 40+ crushes (the other 30 were 'thrown out of my memory')minus the kissing scenes please.. and I absolutely love the song 'the distance'. Man, I’ve searched for this song the whole time I was in college, and I’m currently listening to it for the nth time. I'm not getting tired of hearing it over and over again.. I just luuuuuuuuv it. gotta love that part of the song too that says "solace", which obviously rhymes with "Solis"..and it might have occurred to you that my description of myself in the yearbook as someone "who provides SOLACE in the midst of distress" was done in purpose so that it will always connect Raymond to me everytime you flip through the pages of the yearbook. LOL.. still can't forget that guy(?).. well, whaddaya know, I might still see him after 7 years, when all the signs then are pointing to us. and wey, happy birthday today, sorry I can't call you coz we just ran out of credits for long distance calls. btw, obviously, my pc's already connected to the net by the time I’ll be able to post this and you can always mail me or even have a chat. I still have no one whom I can talk to about those things we usually talked about in the past. ben, nakuha mo na ba yung yearbook mo? you're lucky you'll get to see galleonie (galeon) again. wish we could exchange eyes even just for that minute when you see him. Tell me about your get together buddies. I long to hear stories from you.
keep me posted with your lives. see yah. ;-)

*in case you want ter know,,hehee, I have 3 new crushes: john cusack,jason earles & lucas gabreel(he's sooooo handsome in dcom's return to halloweentown)=)

Saturday-Oct 28, 2006
we just came from a baby shower and I haven't eaten well. I just had, let's just say, 200 calories, or make it 300. I'm not following the 2000-per-day calorie diet anymore(I’m consuming less than that..yipee). we've cleaned the lawn this morning. yep, it might seem pointless to clean the yard during FALL, but the place does look a bit better now than when it was almost trashed with falling leaves. I was really tired from doing that and.. beat this: ihaven't eaten my lunch.. dude!! PAPAYAT NA SIGURO AKO..wahahahaahaa.. dapat pag nagpost ulet ako ng picture, payat na ako para cute.. LOL.. Majority of the people who were at the party were filipinos, but I did not have a good time coz I was shivering because of the really COLD weather. I was wearing a long sleeved shirt and a jacket but my teeth were still chattering I can't chew properly!! the dishes served were so delishamoose but even my intestines were shivering they can't digest my food properly. My uncle even "introduced" me to a filipino there and said we'd fit, but in my mind, I was saying he-lo, I still have rj to see. LOL again. still, he really smelled good.. his cologne, perfume, or whatever it was reminded me of my ever beloved rj.. hehe.. hey gotta go, maglalaro pa ako ng polar bowling.. hehe.. tomorrow's 'fallback day', kung saan aatras ng 1 oras ang oras.. e.g. kung 7am ang gising ko dapat bukas, pwede ako hanggang 8 kasi considered as 7am na yun..
weird talaga here no..

june, this place always reminds me of you. address pa lang naming naaalala na kita.. peace!!! (tanong mo na lang kay wey yung address,

Monday-Oct 30, 2006
the temp's currently below zero and I’m having a hard time typing coz my hands are freezing even though I turned on the heater. You should have seen my face, bumalik yata sakin yung sumpa kay franz (wAaAaaAAaAAAAAAaaaaa..n0o0o0o0o0oo!!!!) I’m using a product that's almost the same as pro-activ.. yep, the same product used for curing zits.. hate them (the zits)..
I’ll be able to post this tomorrow as soon as I get connected to the internet.. Miss yah pipol..
I bet you have received the postcards I sent.. I have some post cards here that I failed to send.. I forgot to bring them when we went to the post office, and the post office is like, miles away, so we don't go there often.. I'm sorry I failed to send the other postcards.. to those who haven't received theirs, I’m really sorry..
I’ll try sending them if ever my aunt will mail a letter again. tomorrow's halloween.. yep, there'll be trick or treaters and I’ve eaten some of their candies.. LOL.. too bad I’m too old for that..*sigh*
I’ll keep my inbox open and I’ll be online 11:30am-2:00pm, philippine time and 2am-4am philippine time (duh, as if anyone of you will be online at that time).. I'll try to be online at around nighttime in there so that I can catch up with you. anyways, just like what I said, I’ll keep my inbox open in case you wanna're still on your sembreak, right??

*my newest crush is ned from 'ned's declassified'..I’ll get his real name asap..Hehe