Friday, November 17, 2006

lush greens, Deadwood and cowboys

We went at Custer yesterday to bring Dad and Uncle Ross's lunch. Man, Custer was like those towns I only see in movies. And that place in Enchanted Kingdom which looked like a mini-town, I will surely associate with Custer. It's the only place where I saw an actual sheriff's office, not to mention the cowboys having a drink in the bars, complete with the REAL cowboy hat and scarf, and those shoes!

Snow has fallen there the night before and the mountains looked like cookies and cream flavored ice cream. (Ooh..wish they really are!) We ate chicken fajitas for lunch and it was so delishamoose! Sure beats the ol' pasta meals.

On the way home, we passed by the Bear Country USA where the bears were all snoozing on a small hill.. They are cuties!!! =) Aunt Esther took me and my mom on a trip to see the most beautiful sights in South Dakota. We went around the back of Mount Rushmore and saw those rock formations which left me in awe. I was turning on my seat to see all the scenic views I could lay my eyes on. And there, I have really appreciated the beauty of nature.

I saw the famous Mount Rushmore for the 2nd time and therefore concluded that the back of the mountain is not really the one which I saw in postcards.. LOL

We went to Deadwood, (the little Las Vegas) a name not really appropriate for the place because there are no dead woods in it. The pine trees and mountains were snow-capped. The sight was breathtaking. Wish I could have shared it with more people who mattered.

I hope life will get better soon.

And I need my form 137 now.