Thursday, August 28, 2008

I now wait with bated breath

Carol, my academic advisor, e-mailed me back a while ago, saying she requested a (slot in the) Nutrition class on my behalf. If all goes well, I might not have to go to Spearfish for Fall Semester. The distance between Spearfish and our house is similar to the distance between MANILA and TARLAC. Imagine driving that far THREE TIMES A WEEK on an icy (and very slippery) road. And then imagine having to spend $15 PER DAY for gas.

I now ask for your prayers about this matter. It might not be as "serious" as it may appear, but it is so much better for me to stay here in Rapid City for the next semester. Not only will I prevent adding financial strains to my family, I will also be able to keep myself alive for another semester (which may not be very beneficial to mother earth, actually XD).

I may be able to post an update about this (possibly) tomorrow.

Thank you.