Tuesday, August 26, 2008

When everything seems to be falling apart...

Turn on the computer and do some guapo hunting.

So, here you go. Drumrolls, please.


*from BryanBoy

*I have no idea where I got this and who he is. But he's gorgeous.

*Blue's Duncan James. "Best in Me" screenshot. Men look good in shadows. XD

*from PerezHilton. BTW, Matthew is GAY. Oh well.

*a younger Ben Barnes

*William Moseley my labs

*Ben's and William's pictures came from this site.

*Skandardoodliekins XD. My gulay. Skandar is super gorgeous in this pitsur no? source

*Mutaib, grandson of King Faisal (of KSA) source

To be continued tomorrow na siguro. Inaantok nako. I have to wake up early to talk to BHSU's and SDSU's advisors, or whoever is there to help me out. Please pray that I can get a slot for SDSU's Nutrition class. It's not just impractical for me to get into Spearfish thrice a week, it's also dangerous because of the icy roads during wintertime.