Saturday, November 29, 2008

I've got problems

I feel deviated for not falling head-over-heels over Robert Pattinson. :p

* * *
Anyway, yesterday was Black Friday which meant almost everything (at the electronics department at least) were sold at the lowest prices possible. These items include the Monk DVDs. Target sold them for $13.98, a price significantly (significantly...statistics ba itech?) lower than its original price which is $44.99. I bought the first five seasons at ShopKo where they also slashed the prices down (I got them for $14.99 each) but the sixth season just had $3 off the original price so I had to go to Target to get it at a much cheaper price :p.

MOST UNFORTUNATELY, I had to go to work at 4:45 AM yesterday--AM pare-- and had to go home at 2:25PM. I was so exhausted from working but I still managed to run to my car, drive off to Target and sprinted through the store, my feet screaming in agony only to see the Monk Season 6 DVDs all gone. I resorted to holding the Season 3 DVD while whispering "Whyyyyyy?" amidst all the stares of the people wondering what on earth happened to me.

Undaunted, I remembered that Shopko has a rule of matching the price of an item if another store sells that same item for a lower price. So what I did was I asked for a Target ad, drove off back to Shopko, rushed to the electronics department, grabbed a Season 6 DVD, went straight to Jeremy and Kathe (our CSSs), and asked about the ad match. They gave me the DVD for $13.98 and I went home happily.

* * *

I suffered a major headache during the night which continued until morning, so I was not able to go to work today. Plus, my arm and my back are aching due to the excessive workload I did yesterday.

* * *

I did a weight evaluation for my Nutrition class and I just found out that I am now considered obese. :(



Aside from the fact that I look a lot happier in the first one, my cheeks were also a little less "rounded". Plus, believe it or not, I was a size 6 in that picture. I myself was surprised when I checked out the size of one of the jeans I used to wear.

Ah, the effects of losing your social life.