Sunday, November 23, 2008


I was reading a blog a while ago of a woman who was married to her bestfriend and they're still together after four years. While I cannot possibly imagine myself married to my bestfriend and I know he feels the same--HAHAHA (he would rather die than be compared to Mon XD),I think it's cute to see bestfriends turn into couples. :)

It's our Spanish oral evaluations tomorrow (no, it does not involve a dentist appointment - corny). XD I cannot stop thinking about this subject! I have never failed a language subject before. NEVERRRRRR!!!

Sure, Spanish is just an elective, but it's worth four credits... FOUR CREDITS!!! This subject can easily tear my dreams apart (okay now, that's exaggerating). I do not blame the professor though. He's an awesome prof who loves sloths: Wei's favorite animal.

Ah, I still remember those times when we spent the whole hour of music class thinking about and laughing at sloths and how they look like Ben. BAHAHAHHAHA! June's impersonation wasn't very bad either. XD Jeez fifols, I miss you all so much.