Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Prepare yourself. I'm about to get emotional.

* * *

I never thought I would talk about death in this blog, but the occurrence of two deaths in less than a month is just too much for me not to mention here.

My schoolmate committed suicide.

The first person I knew who committed suicide is my former Chemistry professor. Our semestral vacation was about to end when my classmates texted me about their plans of going to the wake right after we get back. It was horrifying to hear about the death of a professor and knowing that he killed himself made everything worse. He was very intelligent and very considerate. I think I would have failed his subject if he did not consider my attendance. It was a shame I did not listen to his lectures.

* * *

Wei told me a while ago that my high school schoolmate died two weeks ago because of cancer. I was sad because I know this guy personally -- most probably because his name is Raymond, he was Mr. LS, and I believe I have talked to him once or twice. He's had cancer for years now.

He was very brave to have fought his battle and I salute him for that.

* * *

It is heartbreaking to hear about young people dying.

Wherever the both of you may be, may you rest in peace. +