Wednesday, November 12, 2008

You lit the fire that I burn in.

Hala, sige. magprocrastinate na naman!

Our English 201 journal is due on Friday, and I still have 6 stories and 4 (?) poems to write about. :( It's a really good thing Prof. Neumann turned out to be an awesome prof. She's probably the next best thing to Dr. Ladia, my high school English teacher. Her fondness for literature is starting to rub on me. XD

Now that I've thought of it, I've never had instructors who are this influential (with the exception of Ms. Najarilla--she's still the most influential and the best History teacher EVER). Prof. Neumann (Composition) reduced my fear of writing papers, Dr. McReynolds (Abnormal Psychology) gave me an opportunity to gain a piece of my social life back, Mr. Baxter (Spanish) made want to learn another language, and Ms. Elder (Nutrition) helped me live a healthier lifestyle (I cut down my meat intake by half :] ).

* * *

Am I the only person on earth who's not reading Twilight? Even my supervisor at work reads the book!

An awful lot of girls would might throw stones at me once they read this, but oh well...

I think Robert Pattinson is unattractive.

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While I do agree about Edward Cullen being the perfect man (because he DOESN'T exist--HAHAHA), I could not simply bring myself to say that Robert Pattinson is perfect for Edward's role.

But then again, that's just me. If I find a guy attractive, it means any of these 3 things: either (1)you're really attractive, (2) you're chubby in a cute way, or (3)you're gay.

Mark Feehily: gay AND guapo
(whoever objects will be thrown in a truck full of boiling earwax-ew)

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There is one guy who fits all those 3 descriptions though, and I am sane enough NOT to disclose his name. Not here, at least.

* * *
Can fly like a bird in the sky
I can buy anything that money can buy
I can turn a river into a raging fire
I can live forever,
If I so desire

Unimportant, are all these things I can do
'Cause I can't get next to you

It is a little sad to see this semester end. Maybe it's because it stressed me so much I got so used to it. This may also be the very last time I'll get to see him because starting on January, I will (hopefully) be with SDSU and study full-time at the West River campus. He'll be graduating real soon too. Well, it's fun while it lasted. :P